BIRDS OF PARADISE, 2015 FringeNYC participant

Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Production Diary #5 -- Alas Hiatus, You Hardly Knew Us

It's OPENING WEEK and we couldn't be more excited to bring you Birds of Paradise, our loving contribution to this year's FringeNYC festival.

"What has happened to the right side of my face?" Selfies by Adam
The cast and crew returned from a brief hiatus last night and hit the ground running for an excellent rehearsal leading into our opening night. Patrick and Hallie, our two actors, showed remarkable poise and diligence during our downtime, and at our first run featuring ALL set pieces and props, the show grew little baby bird legs and was hopping around before our eyes. We can't wait to finish out the week of rehearsals, move into tech, panic briefly because we're moving into tech, reach a state of calm, reassure each other that the "show must go on," then remember why we chose to do theater in the first place and put on a hell of a show for y'all.

Meanwhile I've been schlepping the city with my lovely wife (and company photographer) Lizzie, putting up posters and setting out postcards at countless cafes, coffee shops, and nail salons; as well as checking in the show at FringeCENTRAL and taking terrible selfies with the postcards on FringeNYC's big board. Additionally:

We loaded shared set pieces into our venue, 64E4 Underground, and finalized the layout of everything.

Susannah Baron, our lighting designer, got to take a peek at the venue and adjust our lighting scheme.

Programs have been printed and are ready to go.

We got our super-sweet official FringeNYC Participant's badges:
Yeah, that badge is LAMINATED. Kind of a big deal, but whatever.
We're heading back to rehearsal every night this week to work out the final kinks, dry tech the show, actually tech the show, then hit the floorboards THIS FRIDAY, AUGUST 21st at 5PM for our first performance! Here are some helpful tips for you:

Buy tickets here by clicking on the time and date of the show you wish to attend. Or direct your mobile device to Or make your way to FringeCENTRAL at City Lore to buy in person and avoid the convenience charge. If all else fails buy them at the door! You have so many options!

Interested in seeing other shows? With over 200 to chose from in this year's festival, of course you are! Find out what's a good fit with FringeNYC's handy quiz app!

There is ABSOLUTELY NO LATE SEATING for ALL FringeNYC shows, so plan ahead!

Speaking of which, have you never used Uber? First-time Uber users can get $25 off the ride to the show by using the coupon code FRINGENYC25

We have an opening night get-together that you're all invited to! Join us after the Friday 8/21 performance (around 6:10pm) at Stillwater Bar & Grill, just a quick walk up the block from our venue, to meet the cast, meet the crew, and engage in revelry and spirits. We can't wait to see you!

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